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The first half of Traudl Junge's quote is from a 2002 interview with her, of which the relevant clip appears in the movie Downfall (2004). The second half of the quote is from her recollection of the same event that appears in her book Until the Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary (2004). The quote drawn on her clothing is also from this book. The quote drawn on Sophie Scholl is from her own writings, as recorded in the book Sophie Scholl and the White Rose (Newborn/Dumbach, 2007).

The line "there is a line that separates the reasonably just from the mere functionary" originates from the J. Glenn Gray interview in episode 26  of the documentary series The World At War (BBC, 1973),  in which he says of the war "I think it has taught me, all the rest of my life, that there is a line which a man dare not cross, a line which separates the reasonably just and human from the mere functionary."

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