The short answer is uughhh, the long answer is yes, but only if you're 110% serious about it and
are prepared to approach me with a contract for purchasing the option rights (that price can be
$0 if you're a student filmmaker, don't worry).  A lot of people ask and very few of them turn
out to be actually serious, and the process of discussing and negotiating film adaptations is time
consuming, so i only have time for people who are completely dead serious about proceeding.

Comix that are off limits due to already being spoken for: #200 Anomalies
Can I make a movie/short film of one of your comics?
(and the UK edition of Finding Jesus)
Finding Jesus, by ME
How To Fight Presidents, and Building Your Presidential Dream Team (coming in 2016), by Dan O'Brien
You Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News, by

I also have illustrated some books, this being a list of the most recent ones:
my user page at Cracked
my columnist page at Cracked
Yes! Primarily i write and draw for (including images for After Hours), and here are links pertaining to that:
And you make what else? Some things?
Here're a few links for further info!
Where can i find out more? WHERE
Thanks for asking!! Subnormality exists in one of them lower tax brackets, and i am forever grateful
for any support you feel like offering.

As of 2015, Subnormality is primarily funded via my Patreon campaign. Patreon is a crowdfunding site that
enables one's audience to support one's work, so if you enjoy my work then a pledge of even $1 would
mean everything to me.

If you like my comix and have walls, then the poster store is where you wanna go; similarly, if you like
my comix and have most or all of a torso then the t-shirt shop is what you're looking for.

And if straight-up donations are your thing, then there's a Paypal donate button on the home page

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How can i support this thing you call Subnormality?
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AMA #2

Subnormality is because of WINSTON ROWNTREE (not the author's real name), who lives in Toronto, likes to make comics for some reason, will respond to requests for comics-related advice, and will let you use comics from this site in your print/online publication if you ask nicely. 

Winston is currently available for individual commissions as well, and can be reached at viruscomix (at) (prices start at $65, and examples of previous work can be provided upon request. Serious inquiries only). Winston would also like to illustrate your book/infographic/communist pamphlet/erotic playing card series/whatever, and has done such work before for such clients as ECW Press, Orbitz Worldwide, Random House, and